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Focus and Scope

The Journal is devoted to the history of Polish historical science and historical thought in a broad sense, including professional reflection and also ideas about the past devoid of the scientific notion developed in the nineteenth century. Roughly speaking, the thematic scope of Klio Polska could be divided into five areas:

  1. relations between Polish and international historical thought with a particular emphasis on European thought;
  2. an analysis of theoretical, methodological as well as ideological and political premises and conditions of the Polish historical science;
  3. the ‘institutional and organisational’ history forming the core of the infrastructure of Polish historical science;
  4. an analysis of selected trends and academic achievements of eminent Polish historiographers;
  5. attempts to introduce interdisciplinary approaches into the history of historiography and apply historiographic research outside the strict boundaries of historical science, an example of which can be the history of business and its variant in the form of ‘organisational history’.

Of course, these ranges are not impassable borderlines. We realise that contemporary historiographical studies venture into realms that have hitherto been unexplored, thus making it possible to better situate the development of historiography in the present context, including our presumptions about its future course. However, we are open to innovations, reserving the right to judge their scholarly value and usefulness to our Journal.

Scientific disciplines represented in the Journal: history.

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